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What to Expect During Our Time Together

I’m honored to be a catalyst and facilitator for your healing journey.

Healing, peace, and well-being comes from within, and you have the power to create it or reject it. As a Reiki practitioner and educator, I am here to support you and guide you in that process. Let’s look at some of the ways we can do this together.

What to Expect from an In-Person Healing Session

Reiki is a simple, yet powerful technique that requires nothing special on your part except your agreement to accept the energy. This provides some relief, but if you’re willing to do the personal work, it’s a pathway to deep healing.

I’ve found that adding structure to our sessions helps us both get into the right frame of mind—an optimum energetic state. I also use structure to signal to our unseen helpers (guides, friends, and family who are not physically here, but willing to assist) that we’re ready to roll.  I will usually start our session with a  “tuning-in” practice to do just that. Usually I do this with sound, and often I will use my voice or an instrument (a crystal bowl, for example). This isn’t “woo-woo” stuff. I find it’s helpful to bridge the transition from the hustle and bustle of life into a place of peace conducive to healing.

Next, we’ll turn on some relaxing music, or if you prefer silence, we will have that. Once we’re in our sacred space/time, I’ll ask you if there’s any specific area (whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) where you’d like healing. You’ll choose whether to be seated or to lie down on a massage table. If you are comfortable doing so, you can remove your shoes because that helps the energy to flow a little more freely through your feet. It’s’s not required, though. It’s up to you.

Next, we’ll make way for the Reiki energy to come in, and I’ll facilitate that process with a check-in with any helpers who are present, and a scan of your energy field.  This will guide the process.

We may be directed to work over a specific part of the body (I do not need to lay hands directly on you), or with one or more of your chakras (energy centers in your field). If directed to do so, I may lay hands on feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, or the sides of your head. If this is the case, I will ask you first to make sure you’re comfortable with this approach.

Most people have a feeling of comfortable relaxation. At times, you may feel sensations and movement in your energy field or your physical system (the first time I had Reiki, it felt like someone was pulling “strings” of something out of me), but this varies from person to person. You may sense nothing at all. You may have feelings or insights that rise to the surface. At the end of the session we’ll talk about your experience, and I’ll convey any impressions I’ve received and answer questions you may have. I also welcome any post-session questions that may come up.

I am not a medical doctor or psychotherapist, and I do not diagnose illnesses. Since the necessary healing is decided by a person’s higher self, and the Reiki is directed by a higher consciousness, I do not guarantee cures nor any particular outcome. I am simply a helper who oversees the process and honors your trust.

What to Expect from a Distance Healing Session

Distance healing is possible because the healing energy works beyond our familiar dimensions of time and space, therefore, sessions work as effectively as if the recipient is before me. Energetically, they are. Since there is never a requirement for a practitioner to place hands directly on the body of the client, distance healing sessions are equally impactful.

I conduct distant healing sessions in the same manner that I conduct in-person sessions. If you’re interested in a distant healing session and you’ve skipped to this part of the page, please read the section above describing the in-person experience.

We’ll connect for a conversation prior to the first time we have our session. If the healing requires a mental or emotional treatment, it’s best to try to schedule a time that you are in a safe place or asleep. Many people are sensitive enough to feel the effects of the treatments as they happen.

If you are sensitive, you may feel the energy flow or your limbs may jerk suddenly. You may experience interesting dreams, colors, insights, or emotional releases. Occasionally you may experience detox symptoms after the treatment as the energy works through blockages in your field. Most people usually experience deep relaxation—some even fall asleep—so it is good to schedule the treatment for a time when you will be in a comfortable place.

If the healing is being requested for another person, or for another being such as an animal or plant, the recipient must agree to accept it. Ethically, I will not violate the free will of the recipient. In these cases I check in energetically with the recipient and if I feel there is a refusal I will not continue with the session. If you think it’s weird to check in with a plant about whether or not they want a healing session, then you’ve never felt the energetic power of a tree, or the delicate field of a sprout. Consciousness exists in everything.

There are different types of sessions, from general healing to a full Reiki treatment. Usually I will do a scan to see what is needed, but you may also request a particular type of treatment. If repeat treatments are needed, I will check in with you to determine how or whether to continue.

What to Expect from Reiki Instruction

When I sought out Reiki instruction for myself, I wanted a more personal interaction with my Reiki teacher than I could get in a workshop setting. In turn, I want to provide you with a 1-to-1 instruction format for as long as this is feasible.

Whether we are working on Reiki certification together or simply understanding the basic concepts for your own use, the instruction will include times where you are reading material or watching/listening to material on your own. We will also have scheduled times via phone or video calls (or in person, if possible) where we will go over material together, discuss any questions you may have, and most of all, establish a connection.

You will practice what you learn during and in-between sessions. Attunements, which are part of Reiki instruction, will occur in person whenever possible. If this is not possible they will occur via phone or video sessions.

See the individual course descriptions for a learning schedule and other specific expectations that may apply.