We each possess the ability to tap into our own inner wisdom, but sometimes we must some personal changes to establish clearer communication.
I love to teach people how they can access their own power and abilities. Here are some ways we can work together on that.

Teaching Sessions

Teaching Session:Develop Your Intuitive Abilities – $250

Learn how to develop and use your own intuitive gifts and have the lifelong ability to rely on your own power to tap into wisdom. In this 90-minute phone session together, you’ll learn how to detect your intuitive impressions and separate them from your thoughts and emotions, how to connect with your spiritual helpers, things you can do to be in the best energy for clear communication, how to ask for information, and different ways to receive answers.

Intuitive Sessions

For a time, I will offer sessions where I ask for insights on your behalf and share what I am shown. It is really that simple. I just watch and listen for the requested information, and pass on the message.

Intuitive Session – $150

We connect first via phone for 20-30 minutes, discuss your questions, and obtain first impressions. Then we end our phone conversation and I go into meditation to receive more details and insights about your question. This method allows me to go deeper, and usually takes an additional 30-45 minutes. When complete, I send an email to you with a description of my experience and results. I sometimes continue to receive information over the next 24 hours. If so, I will send you an email update with the information I receive.

“I was totally, utterly impressed with Susan’s intuitive reading for one of my rental properties. She identified not only the energy within the home but also with the different tenants we had, identified the cause/source of the disharmony and was able to clear the energy. Wow! I chose the one hour session, which had I asked for the session 6 months prior, it could have saved me 6 months of grief ! I highly recommend Susan’s readings/clearings and will definitely be consulting her in the future!” – D.C., Princeville, Kauai