Distance Healing

How Distance Healing Works

Distance healing (or absence healing as it’s sometimes called) involves connecting with the recipient of the Reiki energy across time and space. We are all energetically connected to each other and to the universe, and this technique enables the recipient to receive (if they are willing) the Reiki energy as if they were actually in the room with the person conducting the session.

The Nature of Our Energetic Connections

From a technological viewpoint, we are still learning about how energy works. At the quantum level, we know that the act of observing an electron will alter its position. The magnetic fields and electric currents that run through our bodies can be measured, and in fact, even acupuncture meridians can be measured. We are learning more and more about the biology of the brain and we are changing our ideas about brain-body-mental-emotional interactions. Although we have yet to determine definitively with science how Reiki and other energy healing modalities work, energy practitioners continue to achieve real, observable, and repeatable results. Science is still catching up.

The person who has come closest to explaining some of my own experiences is Barbara Brennan, a NASA research physicist, healer, and teacher. She describes an energy consciousness system based on her observations of the rhythmic movement of energy and light around and through everything, followed by a physical change. She describes, in detail, her learnings over the years in her book, Core Light Healing, and I highly recommend reading it to get a better understanding of what is happening during a healing session, and how effects can transcend time and space.

Connection over Distance

Because the nature of Reiki energy cuts through space, in effect, bringing all space “here”, Reiki treatments can be directed over spacial distances to anyone or anything, anywhere. The recipient must consent to receiving the energy of their own free will, and if this doesn’t occur, the energy will return to the sender for absorption or redirection.

Connection over Time

Reiki energy also cuts through time, bringing all time into “now”. This means that a treatment can be directed into the past, present or future. Techniques for sending the energy into the past to treat a current issue (often emotional) is one way that we use Reiki over time. Another way is to program one or more treatments into the future, as needed.

Simultaneous Treatments and Other Uses

It is also possible to use distance healing techniques to give treatments to more than one recipient simultaneously, to treat inanimate objects like equipment that isn’t working, to bring healing to personal problems, to heal the earth and world situations, and to empower goals and affirmations, just to name a few.