“Does energy have consciousness ?” Barbara Ann Brennan, a former NASA physicist thinks so.

In her newest book, Core Light Healing: My Personal Journey and Advanced Healing Concept for Creating the Life You Long to Live, Ms. Brennan tells how her observations of energy fields in nature, and around and between people, reframed her entire world view.

Using her High Sense Perception (a natural but “different” way of sensing), she noticed that changes in nature always occur in the same way: first, with the movement of light and energy, and then, with physical changes. Her study of how energy fields impact physical reality led her to conclude that these fields must have some sort of consciousness.

As she studied energy fields over the years, she developed a model for the energy consciousness associated with human beings. She calls this the Human Energy Consciousness System (HECS), and describes its four-dimensional structure in Part I of the book: the core star, the hara, the human energy field, and the one we’re most familiar with—the physical body. Each dimension is distinct, and functions in a completely unique way. In the book she explains how these dimensions interact, and what this looks like energetically.

This new understanding cues some surprises about the true source of our inability to create the life, health, and relationships we want. But don’t worry, Ms. Brennan shows us how to heal these blocks in Part II, where she goes into detail about using the fourth level of our energy field: the place where we build our relationships.

As with her other books, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, and Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing, Core Light Healing does not disappoint. As an inquisitive science geek, this book clarified for me exactly how physics, spirit, biology, and psychology come together as one. And Ms. Brennan does a lovely job explaining complicated topics in an easy-to-read way that the average person can grasp and embrace.

Are you willing to consider that everything is energy? That energy has intelligence and consciousness that is understandable and synergistic? If so, watch out. You’re about to see your world in a wonderful new way, but in the process, you’ll need to let go of your beliefs about “the way things are.”