I’m ordinary. I’m special.
And so are you.

I’m Susan Rampson, the founder of Serene Nation.

All my life I’ve hungered to understand “the way things really are”.

When I was a wee child I wondered about a number of things:

  • Is the blue I’m seeing the same color as the blue everyone else sees?
  • Can these rocks talk? Do they know I’m me?
  • Do I need words to talk with God? That seems unnecessary. I’ll just send “signals”.
  • Does Mighty Mouse live in the curtain pulley box for my bedroom window? If not, can he?

I guess I’ve always been open to possibilities.

I know it’s not this way for everyone, but I had a loving and protected childhood that nurtured wonder, appreciation, introspection, and curiosity. That foundation stuck with me, and as life got more complicated that foundation enabled me to continue asking, “Why? Why not? And what if…?”

As time passed, I had relationships, experiences, opportunities, and heartaches that set me in search of two things: serenity and freedom. Now I know they’re the same. How? Because I got there.

Arriving is just a moment in time. Expansion, challenges, emotions, learning, and growing will continue to come. But I came to a point where I had to ask, what’s next?

I starting asking questions again, from a familiar yet updated condition of stability, strength, and identity:

  • Who are we, really? What is our common ground? Are we, in fact, integrally connected? Despite what we feel and say?
  • Can we get beyond our emotional responses to acknowledge and draw upon that common ground?
  • Can people from different backgrounds and beliefs, with different perspectives, ideas, and strategies, come together around a mutual goal?
  • Can we respect each other despite our differences and bad behavior?
  • Can we come together to create something completely amazing that we could hardly even imagine (but imagine enough)?

Well, if the answer isn’t “Yes!” then there’s no point. The answer is, of course, YES!

It’s nothing more than a choice. Who’s in?

Susan Rampson
  • My whole life I’ve wanted to study science. Lately, it’s Physics.

  • I’ve been writing stories since I was seven.

  • I had recurring dreams about our four adopted children for twenty years until I met them.

  • I adapted a script, co-directed, and choreographed a musical in 8th grade.

  • I helped phone and cable companies run data networks across the USA for 15 years.

  • I co-owned a million dollar Internet software and hosting business with my husband. It failed, but we didn’t.

  • I once tap-danced while jumping rope in a talent show, wearing a ridiculous green outfit. I didn’t win (obviously).

  • I was an agile product owner for software and education development teams for 10 years.

  • I play nine muscial instruments. Just for me.