Serene Nation is a community of people committed to live a life that is anchored in kindness, love, and appreciation for all beings.

We don’t always have to agree, although we draw our strength from understanding that we are each a unique reflection of the divine. Together, we paint a more authentic picture of what that might look like.

Bearing this in mind, we honor each other and seek to grasp how our varied experiences bring forth our different perspectives. We come together around common goals, and use our rich diversity to unearth more and better ways to achieve them. And to expand our awareness, we are willing to consider new ideas and relinquish old ones that no longer work.

We are passionate, and we are patient with each other. We are truthful, but also gentle.

Our mission is to listen, learn, and grow as individuals so that together we can co-create a culture of beauty and belonging for all those who yearn for one.

About the Founder

Serene Nation was founded in 2016 by Susan Rampson. It was inspired by the making and message of the Disney movie, Moana, contrasted with the shocking way the American people behaved towards each other during the 2016 presidential election.