4 Things to Know About How We Heal

Did you know that each of us is an amazing work of art? This identity is part of our healing journey. Here are four things that may surprise you about how we heal:

1. We heal ourselves.

Healing happens within our own consciousness. The healer is honored to be a facilitator of the process. When we need healing, we work on many levels (along with the healing energy) to unblock, shift, change. and rebalance the source of our issue.

2. Upsets in our physical health usually originate from another place in our energy field.

Except for emergency situations that cause a wounding in our physical structure, most of our health issues originate from a non-physical part of our total person. Many times the part of our energy field corresponding to our emotions is the culprit, but a wound can originate from any part of our field.

When a physical injury is treated but the origination of that injury is not, the issue will eventually return. Healing occurs on a multi-dimensional level, and often we will relieve symptoms in one area and address the root cause in another.

3. Healing energy has intelligence.

Healing energy has its own consciousness, and it goes wherever it needs to go. We may be focused on removing a pain in our foot, but the energy will direct itself to work on the part of our emotional field that is afraid to step forward. Or maybe there is a more urgent need to soothe our heart.

This is why healers are merely catalysts for healing. As healers, we must surrender our will to the process and not push or pull the healing energy to any specific area. As a person seeking healing, we must surrender to a higher intelligence within ourselves—one who knows which wound needs healing at the time.

4. Our energy field is constantly changing.

As our thoughts, circumstances, and emotions change moment-by-moment, so does our energy field. And because one part of our energy field impacts another, it’s important to keep all the parts of our field in balance. We can help ourselves do this via practicing daily meditation, checking in often and correcting blocks in our energy flow, seeking the assistance of a healer, and adopting a positive perspective that remains open to possibilities.